Five Star Applications was started by five friends in New York City to develop applications on the iPhone platform.  We have a distinct variety of applications, including productivity tools, entertainment apps, and games. In addition to our diverse array of applications, we also provide consulting for companies looking to expand their brand presence in the mobile software market.  Please check back with us frequently, because we have several exciting applications currently in development!


Five Star Apps is excited to introduce our newest offering, Tagerazzi.  Using cutting edge Geo-Tag technology and the state-of-the-art iPhone camera interface, Tagerazzi allows you to upload your own personal images to our exclusive Tagerazzi network, complete with Geo-Tags.  Saw a cute puppy at the dog park?  Snap a picture and upload it to the map!  Got in to the hottest club and want to show the world?  Click it and Tag it!  Caught a glimpse of your favorite celebrity doing errands incognito?  Sneak a pic and upload it to share with your friends!  Now you have the power to be your own personal paparazzi, with Tagerazzi!  Now available in the iTunes App Store.

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Five Star Apps have created a number of applications such as iChew and iVibrate. Please review our branded apps page and our own apps page.
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