Five Star Apps is excited to introduce our newest offering, Tagerazzi.  Using cutting edge Geo-Tag technology and the state-of-the-art iPhone camera interface, Tagerazzi allows you to upload your own personal images to our exclusive Tagerazzi network, complete with Geo-Tags.  Saw a cute puppy at the dog park?  Snap a picture and upload it to the map!  Got in to the hottest club and want to show the world?  Click it and Tag it!  Caught a glimpse of your favorite celebrity doing errands incognito?  Sneak a pic and upload it to share with your friends!  Now you have the power to be your own personal paparazzi, with Tagerazzi!  Now available in the iTunes App Store.

- Snap pictures and instantly GeoTag your photos with time and location 
- Tag your friends, family, pets, or favorite people and upload to online gallery 

- Display photo gallery as icons on an interactive map or as a descriptive list 
- Search pictures by keywords, location or author name 
- Order search results by distance to your location, date, popularity or rating 
- Display route from your current location to photo location 
- Store pictures for later posting when network connectivity isn't available 

- Ability to search images from other users based on location, tag, or rating 
- View friends or other users photos based on your vicinity 

- Administrators will monitor and reject any images not aligning to apple standards 
- A report abuse option for online photos will notify administrator to review, reject, or accept image



IVibration turns the iPhone into a personal massager. By utilizing the phone’s vibration function, the user can select from eight different vibration levels to relieve tension and stimulate nerves. Use it on pressure points, lower back, neck, head, and any other areas that need a little release. Although there are several vibration applications currently available, iVibration offers a unique and simple user interface alongside access to several different levels of vibration.

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BikiniQuest is the first iteration of Five Star’s take on the classic photo hunter games in arcades and bars throughout the country. The user has 10 seconds to find the differences between two similar images, shown side by side in the landscape view of the iPhone. The first in a series, BikiniQuest focuses on images of beautiful women in bikinis. Check back for more updates in Five Star Apps’ “Quest” Series!


Studies have shown that large packages of junk food activate a person’s dieting concerns. Once these concerns are felt, a person tends to fight the urge to snack on junk food (hence the fun size bags of potato chips!) iChew is an application based on these inclinations. iChew will satisfy cravings for several types of junk foods from pizza to gummy bears. The user simply selects a type of food, and the image of that food comes into the landscape mode of the iPhone. Each time the user taps the image, the iPhone “chews” the food and shows the detrimental nutritional value of each bite. We plan to release other versions of iChew in a series, so please check back often!

iCrack - Coming Soon!

iCrack is an application which uses the hardware functions of the iPhone to simulate glass breaking on screen. When the user clicks on the application, an image of a wine glass and wine bottle appears on screen. When the user then touches the screen, the screen appears to shatter at the point where the user touched the screen. In addition to the screen shattering, the speaker emits the sound of glass breaking.